5 Reasons You Should Visit Denmark, Western Australia

I know what you’re thinking, but Denmark is in Scandinavia. Wrong, well technically you are right but this Denmark I am talking about is down South Coast. It’s home to the infamous Green Pool and Elephant Rocks. The town is small, but you’ll find all the beauty of Margaret River with less crowds and stunning coastal lines.


1. Elephant Rocks

Boulders on the beach. Who would have thought of that? It’s so completely beautiful and stunning that it is a must see when you head to Denmark.

2. Wineries

Denmark has it’s own wineries and they are just as good as Margaret Rivers. A little less crowded and more personal I feel.

3. Cheese factory

Cheese. Need I say more? I probably should, the town has it’s own cheese factory that you can visit and do some tastings.

4. Surfing

If you’re a surfer there are loads of spots that you can go to surf. Just make sure you’re careful with the sharks. Kidding. Or not really kidding, just be careful.


5. Serenity

Seriously Denmark is so beautiful, scenic and so untouched. It’s nature at it’s best, and the best thing about it is the landmarks like Elephant rocks is free to enter.


My favourite places in the West Coast of Australia

Many East Coasters don’t venture to the West much, if at all. So I was super excited to compare the two. The big different between the East and the West is that the West is so much more secluded. The beaches are untouched and you basically have it all to yourself. The water is crystal clear it will have you thinking you got dropped off in the Maldives. If I have one complaint it would be that there is an excessive amount of flies on the West.



Exmouth has stunning beaches and the best part is that you can also go diving with whale sharks. If that doesn’t float your boat you can snorkel with turtles and fishes just off the shore. The best thing about WA is that the only thing you pay for is the national park fee, all the activities such as snorkelling is free if you bring your own gear. Whale shark isn’t free, for obvious reasons.


Coral Bay

Coral Bay is your quaint little beach town with clear blue waters. You can literally swim to the coral no far from the shore and snorkel. It’s beautiful and so close that even the most unconfident swimmers would appreciate it. They also have an area where you can see reef sharks, you can swim with them as well, but to be honest they are more scared of you then you are of them.


Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay doesn’t get too many visitors, in fact I know a lot of backpackers skip it. Jurien Bay is definitely worth a visit. It’s filled secluded beaches and stunning views.



Before coming to Perth the only Denmark I knew was Scandinavia. As soon as I got there and saw the elephant rocks I was completely blown away. There is something so beautiful about boulders on the beach. I couldn’t get enough of the place.



Albany reminded me so much of Rottnest Island it was amazing. Again, beach to beach you were left alone. Each one looking more enticing than the last one you saw.


Margaret River

Margaret River lived up to it’s reputation, how can you not love a place that has wineries, a river and not far from that the beach. The town is cute and the wineries are perfection.

The most beautiful secluded beach in Albany, WA you must visit

Two Peoples Bay Natural Reserve is only 35km east of Albany. When we went into the reserve we had no idea what we were walking into. As soon as we arrived, we were speechless. It can be compared to the Maldives.

If you’re driving South, this is a must-do while you’re in the area. The place boasts unspoilt coastal scenery with barely anybody in it. The beach caves in and there are beautiful boulders beautifully positioned in the water.


One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife of Two Peoples bay is to walk along the Heritage Trail. The walk starts at the rear of the visitor centre and winds through peppermint woodland then loops back along the beach.

Entry Fees

$12.00 per vehicle.

$6.00 per motorbike.

For further information jump onto the wildlife parks website.

Why Karratha should be on your list of places to visit in Western Australia

Karratha is in the infamous Pilbara region and mostly known to the lovers of the movie ‘Red Dog.’ If you haven’t seen it you must, it will make you appreciate the place even more. Although that was my main reason of visiting the town itself I was met with a shocking surprise of actually liking the area. It’s a mining town with a big heart that should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

1. Visit Red Dog

You can’t go to Karratha without going into Dampier to visit the Red Dog statue. Whilst you’re there you should pop into the pub as well it’s quite quaint.

2. Bustling restaurants and cafe

There are actually some very new buildings in Karratha. There is a strip that holds many bustling cafes and restaurants that will remind you of being in a proper city.

3. Old versus the new

The town itself looks pretty new, but once you drive a bit further you can see the salt formations which is pretty cool.

4. Mine town but big heart

It’s a place with mostly miners but it has a big heart. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is so quaint it makes you feel welcomed instantly.

Visit the Karratha visitors website for more information.

Visiting the infamous Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia


Nestled on the town’s of Cervantes, Jurien Bay and Leeman features the infamous Pinnacles Desert.

It will cost you $12 entry per vehicle and you’ll be able to drive through the desert and see the pinnacles in all of it’s glory. You can also walk around a 4km unsealed loop. We opted for driving through and pulled over to walk around the pinnacles and take some snaps.

How were the pinnacles formed?

Apparently a set of unique circumstances produced the pinnacles. According to the visit pinnacles website its started from huge sand dunes that were stabilised. And eventually the result was that under a surface covered with plants and soil the pinnacles developed.


Why should you visit the pinnacles?

A part from being able to witness some historic pinnacles, when you visit these majestic pinnacles you’ll also be able to see beautiful sand dunes and at some vantage points you’ll be able to see the sea. Which is the most stunning thing to see considering you’ll feel like you’re in the desert.

How to get there: The Pinnacles Desert entrance is approximately 10km in the Indian Ocean Drive and 6km on Pinnacles road.

Cost: $12 entry per vehicle.

Tips for driving from Darwin to West Coast of Australia

Driving to the west coast of Australia from Darwin involves, you guessed it a lot of driving. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of beautiful things that you can see along the way. I can’t stress enough how important it is to drive a 4WD. You’ll be able to go through the beautiful Kimberlys and enjoy the drives along the beach.

Driving in 4WD

There is only one way to properly experience the drive to the west coast and that is with a 4WD. The route has a lot of amazing off-road places so you will not miss a thing.

Take enough water

In most of the place there aren’t a lot of free drinking water for you to replenish. Make sure you take enough drinking water especially if you’re going through the Gibb River. However if you do run out of water, in Halls Creek you can refill your water at the information centre for 20 cents a litre.


Take your time through the Kimberlys

We first started the Kimberlys through Lake Argyle and that was just a beautiful taste of what was to come. Once you hit Kununurra it’s a beautiful natural playground.

Don’t miss Bungle Bungles

Bungle Bungle is at Purnululu National Park, although it is a good 30km until you actually reach just the entry of the national park it is well worth it.

Swim safely

Through out the west coast there aren’t many places you can swim. Unless you go to El Questro or Emma Gorge there aren’t many places to swim. Broome was the first place we could swim at Cable Beach.

5 Reasons you should visit Eighty Mile Beach in Western Australia

Whilst driving along the west coast of Australia it can become quite difficult finding a spot to take a break or camp in a nice spot. From Broome to Port Hedland there aren’t many spots to take in the scenery as the motorway sits parallel from the beach but you still have to drive a few kilometres inwards to get to the actual beach. You can however, access Eighty Mile Beach when you turn off to the Eighty Mile Beach Caravan park. Once you get through the beach and it’s like a private paradise. You’ll be able to drive along the majestic beach stretch with a 4WD. If you don’t have a 4WD you can just walk onto the beach and enjoy the breath-taking sunset.


1. The Sunset

I thought that Northern Territory had my heart when it came to sunsets, but I was proven wrong with the sunset at Eighty Mile beach.

2. Private Beach

The beach is quite empty and you get it all to yourselves. You may have a few people come through but not many.

3. Scenic 4WD

If you have a 4WD you’ll be able to drive onto the sand whilst the sun is setting, it’s magical to say the least.

4. Nice Camp Spot

It can get pretty tiring driving from Broome to Port Hedland, Eighty is a nice pit stop to have a picturesque camping spot. We sneakily slept on the beach, but you can however check-in at the caravan park.

5. Waking up in paradise

The sunrise isn’t as beautiful as the sunset, but you’ll find the colours of the sky are just as beautiful early in the morning. You’ll also be able to go for a nice dip as well.