5 Reasons you should visit Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest island of sand and one of the most majestical place I think I have ever been to. It’s home to the adventurous campers and an ecotourism destination, with stunning beaches and swimming holes at Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and other freshwater pools. It’s no wonder that it attracts backpackers across the globe.

For those who are on a budget, my secret to visiting the island is to look for rideshares online. People with 4WD’s will offer spare seats, alternatively get cosy with a local. I managed to get a great deal $120 for 3 days and 2 nights.


1. Swim in freshwater lakes

Fraser Island has some beautiful freshwater lakes. No longer will you have to worry about your eyes stinging from salt water. The water is crystal clear, so much so that you can open your eyes and you’re able to see everything. Make sure you get your floaties and float down Eli Creek.


2. Get back in touch with nature

There is nothing more beautiful than immersing yourself in nature, you can enjoy the fresh air and the views of marvellous pine trees. Just be careful of leeches! If you’re lucky you can see a dingoes. You’ll also be able to spot some turtles as well. 

3. Camp in serenity

There are several camp sites in Fraser, one day you can camp by the beach and the next day you can camp in the rainforest. The island is your oyster!


4. Go sand boarding

There are massive dunes in Fraser, if you have a boogie board then make sure you go sand boarding on one of them.

5. Swim in Champagne pools

Champagne pools are a natural jacuzzi formed by waves crashing into rock pools. While it does attract many it is definitely worth it.