Natural Beauty Hacks for the Lazy Traveller

If you’re like me and barely like to wear make-up or take anything beauty-like with you travelling then you’ve come to the right page.

It’s hard keeping up maintenance when you’re travelling, so I’ve thrown in a few handy beauty hacks that you can use and bring with you travelling whilst still keeping your backpack light weight.

Natural body deodorant

Sometimes body odour occurs, and if you’re a proper traveller who is living in a van and can’t even find a shower for the day, then a natural body deodorant is for you. I use one from Erica Brooke 100% natural skincare and it literally is a life-saver. I got it as a christmas present and I will never go back to the old stuff. It will make you look and smell fresh, and the best thing is the tub is portable and lasts up to 6 months. 

Coconut oil

This is the only thing that you need travelling. Why? Because it is so versatile. Coconut oil is good for you skin and for your hair. Use it as a moisturiser for your body and your face. I leave coconut oil on my face overnight and it does wonders to my face in the morning.

You can also use it for hair treatment for those beach holidays. Just rub it on the tips of your hair and leave it overnight. Put a towel on your pillow if you’re worried it will end up all over your pillow. Another bonus is you can also use it for cooking.


This one is for maintaining you hair. You know what I am talking about, whether it’s for your eyebrows or your armpits, and if you have the time – your legs. I never pack a shaver anymore, just my tweezers.

Shampoo bar

Carrying shampoo and conditioner in your bag can take up a lot of space. This shampoo bar from Lush is all natural and will help strengthen and condition your hair whilst all being compact!