6 tips for travelling the Bolivian Salt Flats

The Bolivian Salt Flats has so much beauty to offer promising the world’s largest salt flats, not to mention it is a major breeding ground for several flamingoes!

Be prepared to see the snow and the sun all in one day depending on the tour and route you choose. I decided to go from Bolivia and get dropped off in Chile. But to enjoy the majestic views with ease you have to come prepared. So, now that I have gone through it, I wanted to put up a few tips for travelling the Bolivian Salt Flats that I wish I knew.


1. Go with a reputable touring company

I cannot stress this enough. I went through a travel agency, and well the driver ended up getting high and drunk on drugs and we kind of fell into a ditch in the Salt Flats! I met other travellers on the way and they asked who the company was. Their’s  had an actual name, and their driver did not even touch a drink even though they offered him some! So that was my problem, I didn’t choose a company with a name, it was just through a dodgy travel agency who promised me that the tour guide would speak english (he didn’t) and that the hot springs were free (it wasn’t). Don’t travel with Sandra’s Travel Agency. Going for the cheapest isn’t always the best, your safety is worth more. It’s what I did and if I was to do it over again I would definitely pick another tour company.


2. Make sure your driver doesn’t drink

I know this might seem like no big deal, but trust me when the drivers get super drunk and starts driving you in the desert it can become a problem. If you see him/her drinking, nip it in the bud. Your safety is more important than his fun.


3. English and Spanish speaking driver

My Spanish was still a little bit rusty, so if you are anything like me make sure you pick a driver who can speak English and Spanish. I was promised that my driver would speak English but he didn’t at all.


4. Bring toiletries such as wipes and antibacterial spray

You are totally going to think I am gross, but our group did not shower for the 3 days. It just wasn’t worth it at the time, the showers were too cold. Not to mention I had to pay extra to use the showers. Go figure. So my best advice would be to bring wipes and anti-bacterial spray so you can have it around with you when you need it. It will be a lifesaver. 


5. Bring snacks and beers

Food is included in the tour, but snacks isn’t. Nor is alcohol. So be sure to stock up on little snacks and of course some alcohol. There won’t be any stores to sell you alcohol but there will be pit stops into connivence stores.


6. Make sure you know the name of your hostel

After that horrific ride where our driver got drunk and another passenger had to take over (seriously), our driver had to go through each hostel and ask if there was room for us. Basically they have accommodation, they just don’t know which hostel is willing to have us. Luckily we all got beds, but some had to share with complete strangers because there simply was not enough.


Why people need to stop telling travellers’ they are ‘Lucky’

I am sure people don’t do it on purpose, but I can speak for every traveller when they say being called ‘lucky’ because they travel is a bit daft.

Couples do it for the most part, or perhaps people who have children. “You’re so lucky you can travel,” or “You’re lucky you don’t have kids, we can’t do that.” These comments may seem ok, or maybe I am taking it out of context but it can feel a little condescending.

Travelling can become like a lifestyle. For example you go to work 9 to 5, have dinner and go to sleep. Well, we do the same, except we save the money to be able to jet off again. It’s not luck, it’s a decision. It is a choice. I choose to travel, I choose to not have children (yet), I choose not to settle down and buy a mortgage (yet), and I also choose to save a load of money so that I can experience something else.

What people forget when they make these comments is that it is insulting to be told that the lifestyle of a traveller we chose comes from luck.

Luck, doesn’t pay the bills, luck also doesn’t save money and buy a plane ticket. It’s our choice.

10 travel essentials you need before you fly


Once you start travelling loads you realise that you really don’t need to pack much. Less is more as they say.

If I am being honest I am so used to travelling that I don’t even pack toothpaste anymore, shampoo or conditioner because it most cases it will be cheaper when I get there. But there are a few essentials that I always pack and I am so grateful that I do because it has saved my life so many times. So check out below 10 travel essentials you need before you fly to your next destination.


1. Micro fibre towel

A micro fibre towel is your best friend travelling. It’s so compact and durable that you will be able to put it in your backpack without having to worry about using up space.

travels clothes line.jpg

2.Travel clothes line

I once saw this hanging in a hostel room and my first thought was to laugh. But then I realised how genius this was, you could hang your clothes whilst they dry on your own little clothing line without having to worry about someone nicking it.

ear plugs.png

3.Ear plugs

So often I have been stuck in a room with someone who either snores too loud, or farts in their sleep. Ear plugs will allow you sleep like a wee baby.



Sarongs are so handy, not only can you wear it as a skirt or a headscarf but you could also use it as a beach towel to lay on. It will also take up no space at all in your backpack.


5.Universal adapter plug

I mean this will save you from changing different plugs when you are travelling to different countries. It will also save you money from buying different adapters.

e reader.jpg


I know, I know I love books too. But an e-reader takes up no space at all, and you can load up new novels from the internet easily.



The amount of times I have been on a plane and not had a pen around to fill out entry forms is ridiculous. Leave a pen in your carry on and another in your backpack.

neck pillow.jpg

8.Neck pillow

I don’t care what people say neck pillows are the best. I have spent 24-hours on a bus from Chile to Argentina before and without a neck pillow I would not have been able to sleep.



When I say thongs I mean sandals. If you go to a hostel that is a little dirty having thongs handy is very useful.



Sometimes hostel will not have locks so you will need to have one to lock up your gear. Just gives you a little piece of mind knowing that you have your stuff safe with your own lock.

How I afford to travel – The Breakdown

How I afford to travel – The Breakdown

It’s a question almost everyone asks me everyday of my life. Mostly they think I am just constantly going on holidays but they never see the sacrifices that I make to be able to visit different countries.

You know that coffee that you have to drink every day? Well, I don’t drink coffee. What about shopping you say? I am not really into it, I do go to the thrift store or shop online for bargains but my clothes are really cheap. The reason I can afford to travel is because once I purchase that ticket and get on that plane, that feeling, trumps anything else. I literally cannot, and choose not to waste my money on things, I’d rather spend money on experiences. So here are a few tips and advice on how I can afford to travel.

Book flights when they are on sale

I know it can be quite difficult to book a flight willy nilly, but if you book a cheap flight when they are on sale you have better chances of actually going on that trip. Try to book and organise your holiday around the ticket sales, it will save you hundreds of dollars.

Book flights at off-peak times

Flights are so much more cheaper during off-peak times, not only will you get a cheap ticket but you will also be able to explore the country with less travellers. Off-peak travellers are the best kind of travellers because they are more keen on exploring then just sunbathing in a resort.

Cut back on luxuries

I guess as a traveller I stop spending money on luxuries as I just can’t justify it anymore. Things like buying coffee at a cafe every morning before work is something I would consider a luxury. Try and make coffee at home and take it to work. Also it would be good to learn how to DIY, there are loads of YouTube channels on how to do your own pedicure and manicure for example which can save you loads of money.

When shopping, think do you really need it before you purchase

Ok so sometimes I do shop for new clothes every now and then, but it’s always on sale. And even when it is on sale, I think to myself do I really need it? I know it sounds cheesey, but once you start asking yourself that you will be able to see the changes.

Look at the bigger picture, to experience more things? Or to have more?

Are you into material things or are you into memories? The end of the day that is the only way you will be able to travel more often, by looking at the bigger picture. Memories last forever.

Get rid of expensive habits

Even if you think that habit of yours only costs you a few dollars a week, it all adds up. Try and get rid of expensive habits and find free alternatives.

Do more free stuff

Sometimes when you live at home for so long you start to forget to explore. You know when you go overseas and you look for all the free activities around town? Well, you need to start doing that at home. There are so many free events on you just need to do your research and find out where it is happening. Once you get the hang of doing it then you’ll stop spending so much money on going out all the time.

Don’t eat out too much

This is a little trick that I learnt in London. I couldn’t afford to go out and eat all the time because I was saving to travel around Europe. I used to tell people I couldn’t make it for dinner but I’ll make it for drinks. This was a life saver! You can also do a sneaky and have pre-drinks at home. Or if you’re ok with not eating much in front of people then eat before dinner and just grab yourself a snack. You will really see the changes in savings in a matter of months.

How do you afford to travel? Leave your comments below.