How to find work on the road whilst travelling

Travelling is fun, but being able to stand still if not just for a few weeks can be nice as well. To be honest I work on my laptop for my business so I don’t usually work for other people, but along the way I decided to try and lodge in a place and work in return for free accommodation and food. So far so good, you get to work a few hours a day and then you get time off to yourself to explore. Plus I get to save money as well.

I find that it is easier to get to the place you love, and then once you arrive you can go around and ask if they need any staff but there are other ways to do it as well that I have mentioned below. Happy hunting!

Facebook Groups

Depending on how big the city or even how small it is, it should have a Facebook page. For example Australian Backpackers. Many people post jobs on here directly so you can just contact them through this.

Old school way

Remembering walking to offices and retails stores physically handing in your resume? Well, in places like Asia where they don’t use the internet much this is a great way to get a job. You won’t have to show them your resume though, depending on what the job actually entails.

Look-out for signs

Sometimes restaurants will have signs around, I’ve even seen signs on poles on the streets. So just keep an eye out.


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