I have just arrived in Don Det on the 4000 Islands here in Laos and already I can notice the backpackers. It is a touristy destination but you will not be disappointed with the views. There are two ways to get to the island, one that is organised by a tour or by yourself with local buses. If I am being honest with you, it’s both the same price. The only difference is the packaged one is a lot quicker!

Packaged tour

You can get to the 4000 Islands by an organised tour, it will cost you 60,000 and this includes pick up from your hotel/guesthouse. This will only take you up to 2 hours so I really recommend you do this.


So we decided to go on our own because we were too late to book a morning tour. The tours only go in the morning. First off you have to get to the South Terminal in Pakse. If you get a yuk yuk it should cost you 10,000 kip. From there you take a local bus and it will cost you 40,000. It will drop you off at Ban Nakasong. When they drop you off do not get a yuk yuk to the pier, you can walk it. It’s only 5 minutes. You should turn left when you are on the main road and keep going all the way to the end and turn right. You can get a ticket from the counter and it should cost you 15,000 kip for the boat to Don Det.


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