When I first arrived in Rottnest Island I thought it was going to be so easy getting that quokka selfie. Then I approached them and realised it’s not that easy. Loads of people give them human food to trick them into ‘smiling,’ please do not do this. This upsets their tummy. You can however grab leaves from the trees to get them to smile. Here are my tips on how to take the perfect selfie.


1. Find quokka

Quokkas will be everywhere when you’re on the island, they mostly come out more during sunset and at night. You will however be able to see them during the day, you’ll just have to find a bunch of tourist who have stopped in the middle of the road. Then you’ve found them.

2. Grab some leaves

Don’t touch the quokkas. I see people do this all the time. If you are going to feed them, make sure it’s leaves from the trees. You’ll see the bottom of the trees are empty from them eating most of it already.

3. The perfect shot

Once you’re feeding them, this is the prime time to get that selfie. If you have a selfie stick this will give you a better angle. If not you can still just use your phone without it to get the shot. Make sure you position the phone really low, so that it is a upshot of the two of you and that’s it. It takes a few trials and errors but you’ll get there.



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