Travelling can be so much fun, but after a while you tend to notice that there are certain kind of travellers you meet along the way. Some are fun, while others are questionable. So I decided to write 10 types of travellers you’ll meet.

1. The one who hates labels

This traveller hates being put in a box, they hate being put in labels.

2. The dreadlocks hippy

The dreadlocks hippy is one that mostly smokes a lot of weed, is happy and goes with the flow.

3. The solo traveller

The solo traveller is comfortable enough to join in, and also happy with doing their own thing.

4. The one who loves being in groups

This traveller is the one you see in the hostel, trying to make big groups and sticking with them. Doesn’t like to be alone and prefers more company.

5. The clinger

The clinger is a traveller who clings onto people. They meet you and decide to follow you everywhere you go.

6. The blonde girl who hates attention in Asia

There is nothing worse than being tall and blonde and travelling through Asia. All the people that take photos with you, must be a hard life.

7. The one old man in a hostel

No matter where you go in the world, there is always an older traveller in the hostel on his own.

8. The instagram ones

The ones who want to get that perfect picture. The scenery and places become nothing but instagram worhty.

9. The ones who plan everything

These travellers hate change and prefer to stick by the plan.

10. The ones who is blessed

Similar to the instagram ones, but more blessed of course.


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