Karratha is in the infamous Pilbara region and mostly known to the lovers of the movie ‘Red Dog.’ If you haven’t seen it you must, it will make you appreciate the place even more. Although that was my main reason of visiting the town itself I was met with a shocking surprise of actually liking the area. It’s a mining town with a big heart that should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

1. Visit Red Dog

You can’t go to Karratha without going into Dampier to visit the Red Dog statue. Whilst you’re there you should pop into the pub as well it’s quite quaint.

2. Bustling restaurants and cafe

There are actually some very new buildings in Karratha. There is a strip that holds many bustling cafes and restaurants that will remind you of being in a proper city.

3. Old versus the new

The town itself looks pretty new, but once you drive a bit further you can see the salt formations which is pretty cool.

4. Mine town but big heart

It’s a place with mostly miners but it has a big heart. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is so quaint it makes you feel welcomed instantly.

Visit the Karratha visitors website for more information.


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