Karijini National Park is Australia’s second largest national parks in Australia and is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The park is iconic, if I dare say one of my favourite national parks in all of Australia. It’s famous for its unspoilt nature, stunning gorges that go on for miles, and its infamous towering sheer sided chasms up to 100 metres deep. The Park is the traditional home of the Banyjima, Kurrama and Innawonga Aboriginal people.


1. Swimming through gorges

There are so many gorgeous gorges in this national park, and swimming through them is a breeze. It really takes your breath away. My favourite ones to visit will have to be Dales Gorge, Hamersley Gorge, Joffre Gorge and Hancock Gorge.


2. Waterfalls

There are some stunning waterfalls that enter into the gorges, so whilst you’re swimming in them you can also watch the waterfalls trickling down.


3. Beautiful hikes

There are so many hikes to choose from in Karijini, so make sure you come fully equip. The best thing is that whilst you’re hiking you can also tend to take a quick dip along the way.


4. Serenity

The national park is the second largest one is Australia, whilst many travellers go through it is relatively quiet. So you’ll be able to feel all of the serenity that park has to offer.

5. Stunning views

If you can’t hike or it’s not your thing, there are many look-outs you can see instead of walking down the gorges. They tend to only be  a few kilometres so it’s an easy stroll.

How to get there

Much of the southern half of the park is inaccessible. Visitors concentrate on the spectacular gorges in the north, with their rock pools, waterfalls and unique wildlife.

You can enter Karijini National Park from Tom Price, Roebourne, Port Hedland or Newman. The ideal times to visit the park are late autumn, winter and early spring. Winter days are warm and clear, but nights are cold and sometimes frosty.

Visit the Parks and Wildlife website for more information about Karinjini.


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