The best thing about visiting Sydney is that you can easily access the beach from the city. It’s the only city I have been to that you can go from the city to the beach. While I’ve been to beaches across the world, there is no better beach than home. I have a theory that the only reason Australia isn’t on the list of top beaches is the fact that you live in fear whilst being the water.

Born and raised in Sydney I thought I’d list my favourite beaches in Sydney and the best in my opinion. Steer away from the overcrowded Bondi and head over to these beaches now.

shelly beach.jpg

1. Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is in Manly, many people go there for the crystal clear water. The fact that you can also snorkel there is a bonus as well.


2. Malabar Beach

Malabar beach is the next one over Maroubra. It barely has any tourists’ there and if you’re there during the weekdays you are literally there on your own. The water is super still so many people go paddle boarding and jet skiing. You can also go snorkelling in Malabar as well.


3. Little Bay Beach

Little Bay beach is a little slice of heaven, it’s the next beach over from Malabar. If you’re there on the weekends it can get quite busy, but no as busy as Bondi. It’s like a little magical cove.


4. Milk Beach

Milk Beach is situated at the base of Hermit Bay within the Sydney Harbour National Park. It’s a very secluded beach and you get to also see the high line of the city in the background.

shark beach.jpg

5. Shark Beach

Shark Beach is also within the Sydney Harbour National Park and is nestled in Nielsen Park. It’s one of the beaches that you can see some lovely harbour views.


6. Bronte

Bronte is a favourite amongst Bondi locals. If you’re doing the Bondi to Coogee walk you’ll go past it. Surfers go there and it also has a beautiful rock pool near by.


7. La Perouse

La Perouse has the most beautiful sunset I have seen in Sydney beaches. It has a few beautiful cafes and it’s near the Kamay Botany national park.


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